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Jacques Nyemb Discusses Not So Super.

June 13, 2016 • By


What is Not So Super?

It’s the story of Daniel an average guy. He goes to work,  eats bad Chinese food… and sometimes wakes up with a random, terribly inconvenient, super powers.

Where did the inspiration for Not So Super come from?

At the time I wrote the story, I was freelancing and expecting my first child. Many of my friends were constantly telling me how much they hated their jobs. Those conversations reminded me of the job I left behind. I kept hearing the same theme; People not deriving any fulfilment in their jobs.

But as a freelancer, I was unlocking so many things about myself. I learned I can take some pretty nice photography, that I could write some decent stories and that I still had abilities even though my past job didn’t provide me the platform to discover them.

Also as a new father I never wanted to have any regrets. I wanted to be an example to my child, that it’s possible to pursue a dream while still being there for their friends and loved ones.

The idea kept growing and I wanted to write a story that was a commentary on that. That we all have powers within us, but it’s up to us to hone them and then decide whether or not we deem them “Super.”


The lead character in Not So Super (Dan) works as a computer technician for a faceless, cold corporation. Although he tries to make the most of his job, he still feels like an outsider. As an Technical professional yourself, can you relate to Dan?

Being a technical person and creative in a non-technical/creative organization makes for a lot of those “outsider” moments. In some ways Dan is a snapshot of me at various stages in my career.

Dan also suffers from bad dreams. Are the bad dreams a correlation to something bigger in the series?

Those dreams are VERY important and will get clearer 🙂

What was it like working with illustrator Joe Hunter and letterer Frank Cvetkovic?

It’s a surreal experience. Joe Hunter is the first artist I worked with, on the first professional comic I made. I learned a lot working with him and was constantly floored by him bringing new life to my script. Same with Frank. I’m a graphic designer by trade, so bad type annoys me. Frank being a professional letterer, made everything look top notch. They are true professionals and I enjoy working with them.


What is the future of Not So Super?

Fans of the story will be treated to a full one shot book that will explain everything. I’m nearly done with the script and will be getting it edited in the next few months. Fans of the comic are in for a whirlwind of emotions.