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An Interview With David Degrand of This Bites.

May 30, 2016 • By


What was the one thing that made you want to be a part of the This Bites creative team?

I love that I’m allowed to really have fun with illustrating material for Not So Super Comics. Jacques likes his artists to really be themselves and have fun, which is refreshing.

Your artwork and style for This Bites is reflective of the 90s Nickelodeon animated series (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Life) did any of those series inspire your art?

Absolutely! The Ren and Stimpy Show was and has been my biggest influence since seeing it around age 11. As a kid I spent almost all my free time watching Nickelodeon and trying to draw the characters, so that influence is deeply ingrained in me.


What types of things do you do to recharge your creative side?

I’m a huge film geek so I try and go see movies when I can get a break. I’m also a big toy and book collector so I like to check out flea markets and antique stores for cool stuff.

What is the one element of your artwork gives you the most satisfaction?

Drawing weird, gross and colorful cartoon art is my way of blowing off steam and relaxing, the whole process is very satisfying to me. Just being creative all day and living in my weird world makes me incredibly happy.

What’s something that you enjoy most about This Bites?

Jacques was able to bring something very new and refreshing to the whole vampire mythos, which really surprised me when I first read the script as stories about vampires have been around for centuries. I love the modern take on the classic monster, and had a blast drawing it!


Are there certain tools that you use to create, and which ones do you prefer the most?

I’m a very low tech guy, so my main drawing tools or an assortment of technical pens (the Faber Castell Pitt artist pens are my favorites). After inking I use Photoshop for colors, nothing fancy!

Where can people who enjoy your work find you on the Internet?

My website is, and I can be easily found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Comics, This Bites

Jacques Nyemb and Marc Jackson discuss “This Bites.”

May 23, 2016 • By


Jacques, what is This Bites all about and why they should someone read it?

If a story about a vegan, hipster dude, being bitten by a vampire; trekking with his ex vampire hunting grandma; to destroy the vampire who bit him; does not pique anyone’s interest, I don’t know what will.

Marc, what influenced the lettering style you delivered for this comic?

Well, not only do I letter comics, I make them too and the style, font and approach comes from there. I found a font that I felt was really suited to my drawing style, that had a looser hand-lettered look at times. I then spend time changing the case of certain letters etc etc to make it more unique from panel to panel.


Jacques, what inspired/influenced you to make this comic?

It was during the twilight movie days. I was getting tired of vampires. Which led me to imagine hipster vampires at an organic shop…That somehow morphed into the story we created. It was an amalgamation of random thoughts and trying to be fun and unique.  

Marc, how long have you been a letterer and what drew you to the profession?

Like I say, I letter all my own comics too as I’m a cartoonist, lettering for good folks like Jacques came after I started self-publishing and I really enjoy it. So if anymore lettering jobs come along, I’ll happily jump on those!

Jacques, when collaborating with artist David Degrand and letterer Marc Jackson, what challenges did the team as a whole face while creating this comic?

There were no challenges whatsoever. It was weird because having a letterer in the UK and having a professional artist who’s working on SpongeBob, should have made things difficult. But my team was professional and rose to the occasion by create something better than I could have ever imagined.


Marc, what element of your work gives you the most overall satisfaction?

Seeing a page of a comic come together knowing that I’ve learnt from the last job I did and made it better.

Jacques, will there be more of This Bites in the future?


Fans of the story will be treated to a full one shot book that will explain everything. I’m nearly done with the script and will be getting it edited in the next few months.

Marc, do you have any other future projects on your creative plate?

Yes indeed! I have a 21 page comic featuring my character Duckless (a comic drawing duck) called ‘Here come the Bazooka mutants!’ which starts in Volume 21 of Aces Weekly an online anthology comic from V for Vendetta’s David Lloyd. Plus a brand new space comic called Goons of the Galaxy which again features in Aces, this time in Volume 23 starting in July. I also do a regular comic for my local paper and a super-hero strip called KA-PUNCH for the UK’s Comic Heroes magazine!

Jacques and Marc, where can fans of This Bites find you on the internet?

Jacques: I can be found on:



If you’re curious about Not So Super Stuff, go to:


Marc: Right here – ENJOY!

Comics, Not So Super, Smorgasbord Squad, This Bites

Creator Spotlight: Jacques Nyemb.

April 18, 2016 • By

NOT SO SUPERSmorgasbord_Squad_Crowntaker_StudiosThis_Bites_Crowntaker_Studios


Where did your love for comic books and the arts come from?

As a child, everyone noticed how much I loved drawing, reading and cartoons. It was so much of my personality that my dad’s friends got me comic books to read. I was so hooked that everyone who knew me got me comics. It didn’t matter what kind either.

What was the moment that you decided that you wanted to create comic books?

My brother and I made comics when we were kids. They were mainly rip-off Batman stories, with us using our imaginary fortunes to fight crimes. The sense of freedom we had in being transported into the worlds we created, was something amazing.

That dream never died. Everything I’ve done pretty much involved me telling a story in some fashion. It took me trying to write a novel to realize what I wrote would make a great comic book. So I switched gears to do just that.


Excerpt From Smorgasbord Squad.

You have three comics that are digitally released through Crowntaker Studios (Not So Super, This Bites, and Smorgasbord Squad) which are all-ages books. What was your desire to create all-ages comics?

At the time I decided to make all-age comics, publishers were focusing solely on the adult crowd. The comics at that time seemed to be edgy and out of the reach for children or people who missed light hearted fun stories. Being a father now and taking my oldest child to a convention recently, sparked the passion again of welcoming a new generation of comic fans. A group that wants to see themselves as well as share the joy sprinkled within the stories.

You have many role in creating comics, serving as creator, writer, editor, and as a publisher. What are the challenges that you face while creating comics?


Being mostly a one man team is draining. On top of that finding money to get project completed is no small task either. But I’ve learned to organize my time to meet my deadlines and budget my project to ensure I don’t break the bank (to much). While being there for my family. It’s an artful juggling of things.

Smorgasbord Squad is one of your most creative all-ages endeavors. What inspired you to make this comic?

Like all of my projects, it starts with me thinking of outrageous scenarios. I felt like there weren’t enough comics with food costumed heroes. When I started thinking about that, memories of the warm fuzzies I felt as a kid, from the original animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, inspired me to make something ridiculous, yet plausible.

Who are some creators of all mediums that inspire you?

What really influenced me is looking at other independent comic creators who do this for the love of it. Some are actually making some income from it, but you can sense their commitment to creating quality comics. Folks like Afua Richardson, Justin Peterson, Anthony Piper, Ashley Woods and Fabian Rangel Jr come to mind instantly because they do just that. Their stories and comics are creating a loyal fan base. Which is something hard to do in the indie comic realm.


Excerpt from This Bites.

What’s your typical work routine?

I have a day job that has nothing to do with comics.  So I spend most of my nights and weekends writing stories, working with artists, planning and shipping books. During the day I check into a Facebook group I created called the Not So Super Lab, where I chat with other creators to learn about their processes. It’s a great way to not feel alone in the struggle of being independent creators.

What is one important thing that you’ve learned in life (creative or personal) and why is it important to you?

I’ve learned to take breaks and spend time with family. It’s really tempting to put the foot on the gas and work without stopping, but in doing that the quality of life suffers. And when you are a creative who wants to share the best of the world, it becomes difficult to do when one is jaded.


Excerpt from Not So Super.

Where can people who enjoy your work find you on the Internet?

I can be found on:




If you curious about Not So Super Stuff, go to: