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An Interview With Tressina Bowling of Motherless Creatures.

June 6, 2016 • By


Give a brief rundown of what Motherless Creatures is all about.

It’s about 3 women who have a very strong sisterly bond. They ride across the country hunting down the scum of the underworld by using their magic.

Of the main characters in Motherless Creatures who do you like the most, Sol, Jelani, or Khu?

Oh gosh…I feel like I haven’t truly spent enough time with the characters yet to have a definite favorite. Maybe for now I’d say Sol…her and I share a similar temperament.

Who is Bisley, and what makes him so special to Khu?

Bisley is Khu’s pet ferret. I like to think of him as her familiar. They both are pretty goofy and fun loving. He’s special to her because he’s the one thing she can nurture and care for. Khu is never without Bisley.

Not only are you a creator on Motherless Creatures, but you have also have done sketch cards for Topps and other companies over the years. What’s the world of sketch cards like?

Ever since I started making sketch cards I always wanted to be involved with a licensed set. My first was the Star Wars Chrome Series and it was HARD. So many cards in such a little time (I came into the project late). Since then I’ve done a Marvel set with Upper Deck and a Mars Attacks Judge Dredd set for a Topps Kickstarter. Each one so different and challenging.


What is your artistic/creative routine on a daily basis?

I come home from work and sit down at the drafting table. Whether I’m making new work to sell at conventions or client work, I spend several hours each night at the table. Then, of course, on the weekends I put in the bulk of my time working on new pieces. I’m constantly trying out new tools and picking up art books. An artist truly never stops learning. If you think you’re done learning then you’ll never grow.

What tools do you use to create comics, and which do you prefer most?

Bristol 11×17 paper, non-photo blue pencil and Copic multiliners. Then scan and work through Photoshop on colors and the dreaded lettering. I still really prefer traditional methods than digital.

What’s the one thing that you love most about making Motherless Creatures?

Bringing these character designs to life.

Tell us where people who enjoy your work can find you on the Internet.

You can find me through my Twitter & Instagram @tressabowling, My Facebook page Tressina Bowling ART, and my site