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Tressina Bowling Discusses Why Dracullama Kills All The Drama.

April 25, 2016 • By


Who is Dracullama and why does he kill all the drama?

Dracullama is a vampiric llama who feeds off people who cause drama.  Why?  Because it’s what gives him life, or rather elongates his life span. He’s been around for as long as anyone can remember.

When did you first create the character and why?

I first created him when I attempted an online character challenge.  It was to create 30 characters for the month of November.  He was the first one to come to mind….mostly because I found llama’s so strangely funny and beautiful at the same time.  Making one a vampire made me giggle, so I figured it would do that to others.

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What influences inspired you to create Dracullama?

Vampire culture, Bela Lugosi, my love of strange animals and creatures and my hate for drama.

As time goes along and as you create more Dracullama, where do you see the comic going in the future?

I honestly feel like I’ll continue to create more stories for him as long as it’s still fun for me and makes me laugh.  I truly don’t know where he’ll end up next….maybe an anthology book once I’ve done enough?

What’s your favorite Dracullama moment?

Probably the dub-step one where he breaks out into a dance after killing off someone. That sounds morbid after reading it back to myself…

What challenges did you have when first creating the comic and what new challenges lay ahead for you and Dracullama?

When I first started it was really trying to narrow down what I wanted him to be.  I remember toying with the idea that it would be a story that revolved around him being an owner of a petting zoo.  Weird right?  But it was then the idea of there just being a ton of quick drama filled stories where he bounces in right at the end to take out any culprits.

Challenges that lay ahead?

Finding the time to make more stories!  I’ve got loads mapped out and even thumbnails for them, but it’s always client work and conventions that push it back.

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Tell us where people who enjoy your work can find you on the Internet.

You can find me through my Twitter & Instagram @tressabowling, My Facebook page Tressina Bowling ART, and my site