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An Interview With Kayla Miller of Smorgasboard Squad.

May 2, 2016 • By


What do you enjoy most about working on Smorgasbord Squad?
I like working on a team with fellow creatives. Jacques is always very receptive to feedback and ideas.

Who has had the most artistic influence on you outside of the comic book industry, and why?

I would have to say the author Etgar Keret. He’s one of my favorites and I really admire his storytelling. Even in his very short stories he’s able to give you a solid sense of the characters and their world. I try to do that in my art as well as my writing, creating little microcosms where you don’t know everything but you feel like you do.


What part of your artistic process gives you the most joy?

All of it aside from setting type. I would draw, ink, color, design, hand-letter, write, paint, and sketch all day if I could… but getting myself to sit down and set type in illustrator always feels like pulling my own teeth out.

What tools do you use while creating comics and art?

I ink all of my work traditionally using brush pens and then color in photoshop.

What other artists or art forms that you enjoy or inspire you?

I love animation and film. You can get a lot of really good ideas for layouts for comics from watching movies. I took narrative cinema courses in college and people would ask me why, but comics are so similar to film when it comes to pacing and visuals that it feels like a really clear connection to me.


What does your drawing space look like on a daily basis?

I tend to clean up before I start working and file everything that isn’t relevant to the task at hand away. So I start out with a nice clean drafting table and my laptop open on my desk. By the time I’m finished it’s usually a bit messier than that though, especially since I like to snack while I’m drawing.

Do you have any other projects in the works?

Always! I’m constantly working on my webcomic Creep as well as freelance illustration, other comic book work, writing, and gallery work. It’s rare for me not to have several things brewing at once.

Tell us where people who enjoy your work can find you on the internet.