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May 2015

Cash & Carrie, Comics

Spotlight: Writer/Co-Creator Giulie Speziani and her thoughts on Cash & Carrie.

May 8, 2015 • By
Cash & Carrie - Co-Created and Written by Giulie Speziani.

Cash & Carrie – Co-Created and Written by Giulie Speziani.

Giulie Speziani is a self-published comic book writer living in Los Angeles. Her most notable titles are By The Slice and 1 Night On Earth. She co-wrote the all-ages indie comic, Golden Age with her husband, Rob Harrington. When she’s not writing, she likes to hang out in the backyard with her dog, Jake.
Giulie’s thoughts on Cash and Carrie:

Cash and Carrie reminds me of a time when I had the detective bug and I went looking for mysteries to solve in my own backyard. I would gather clues (dead lizards must mean the stray cats are back!) and collect random evidence to put in my “Top Secret” manila folder. Ha! Yeah, that was not very discreet. It was a fun time and certainly made my summers home more enjoyable.

Cash and Carrie means to me that kids can be smart, tough and persistent. I like that they get to the bottom of these situations. They never give up even if the mystery remains unsolved. Their determination to continue to look for answers is admirable.

My thoughts on the project so far have been positive. As a writer who self-publishes her own work, I was thrilled that an established editor contacted me. Shawn emailed me with this premise and these fantastic characters and I got excited. This was a great starting point. We scoped out all these different ideas such as what the school should be like, what’s their upbringing and what not. Once we got a better sense of the story and solidified the kind of friendship Inez and Dallas have with each other, it was onto the next stage. He introduced me to Penny’s artwork and it all came together in my head. Her art is so playful and pretty, it just made it real easy for me to panel out the scenes. I felt very confident in her skills to execute the story. All three of us are in constant communication with each other. Once we hashed out the plan for the first issue, I got to work right away. From idea, to script, to art and finally to debut, it’s been awesome.

To read more of Giulie’s work, go to:

Cash & Carrie - Co-Created and Written by Giulie Speziani.




Cash & Carrie, Comics

Spotlight: Artist/Co-Creator “Penny Candy Studios” and her thoughts on Cash & Carrie.

May 4, 2015 • By
Love Yourself by Penny Candy Studios

Love Yourself by Penny Candy Studios

Artist Bio: 
Penny is a cartoonist and illustrator with a passion for cake, cartoons, and comics! Rumor has it she was enchanted (cursed?) by a wizard to have the ability to draw anything, but only in its cutest form.
Her thoughts on Cash and Carrie:
Working as the artist on Cash and Carrie has been a wonderful experience for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s a fun, all-ages story with the kind of quirky mystery-solving vibe that I’ve been into all my life (the lifetime number of hours I’ve put in watching Scooby Doo and The X-Files will attest to that). Cash and Carrie is a super fun mix of mystery, humor, and adventure that anyone can enjoy. Secondly, I’m proud to be a part of a series that promotes diversity in comics, because I believe that all kinds of kids deserve to see themselves written (and drawn!) into their favorite stories. And lastly, the creative team on Cash and Carrie couldn’t be better! Shawn Pryor and Giulie Speziani delivered a stellar concept and story into my hands and helped me round it out with my artistic touch and the perfect balance of guidance and creative freedom. It’s been a rewarding project so far, and Cash and Carrie promises to just get better and better!
To see more of Penny Candy Studios artwork, go to: